The history of Aldabón Luxury has its beginning in the passion for decoration and adapting furniture to make each piece unique.

On a trip to Italy, while visiting a majestic villa decorated with relics and furniture with several centuries of history in the Lago di Como, came the idea of creating luxury accessories with precious stones that turn any piece of furniture into a matchless jewel.

Back to Cordoba, a city with more than five centuries of jewellery tradition, the task of turning these ideas into reality was entrusted to a goldsmith. From there, Aldabón Luxury was created, inspired by the old door knockers of homes and palaces. So much so, that the door knocker of
one of the most iconic historical monuments of this caliphal city was actually taken as a reference for the logo.

In this way, the main pillars of the company – tradition, creativity and entrepreneurial vision are established.

At the beginning, sales were only local and regional through friends and relatives in the real estate and hotel industries. Nevertheless, Aldabón Luxury began very soon to grow and to have a more solid business structure, making the leap to the luxury sector in other
international markets.

Aldabón Luxury manufactures luxury handles and brooches with top quality raw materials and the century’s knowledge of goldsmithing. We are always open to suit the client, adapting our designs to achieve unique, original and exclusive decorative elements.